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Window & Doors

Double glazed Aluminium windows and doors feel reassuringly solid to open and close, are maintenance free and efficient at insulating the building. Compared to the alternative glazing options Aluminum is more sustainable, longer lasting with an unrivalled feeling of quality.

Aluminium windows and doors are more secure than UPVC or timber and are customisable via a selection of RAL colours to personalize your Pod.


Eco Friendly

Thick engineered walls draw on the same principles of construction that 300-year-old timber framed buildings adopt.

Eco friendly Sheep’s wool insulation takes far less energy to produce and naturally absorbs and releases moisture to act in harmony with a breathable timber frame construction.

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Electrics Package

Our pods come with plenty of low profile double sockets, including a double socket with integrated USB charging. We have taken care to conceal the consumer unit with RCD breakers into a neatly designed wall compartment, high up and away from inquisitive children.


Adhering to part p our pods are installed and ready for connection to the mains by a qualified electrician.


All Metal Roofing

Our roofs are uniquely curved and highly practical with a 2mm thick aluminium plate, which will not perish, puncture or rust. Aluminium is widely used in far harsher arctic and marine environments thanks to its durability.

An aluminium roof will reflect heat so our pods will be cooler in the summer and more efficiently warm in the winter.

Our other metal roofing option is industrial grade 0.7mm thick with a specially bonded plastisol finish for long term performance.

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Low Maintenance

Aluminium is totally impervious to UV sunlight damage and the shear thickness of material means zero chance of accidental punctures or splits that could lead to costly water leaks. 


Our integrated aluminium guttering with matching down pipes will not perish or split.

Insulated – Ventilated - Distinctive - Long Term

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Luxury Interiors

Inside we have lacquered birch paneling that provides a clean designer look whilst also being a practical load-bearing surface for shelving. A generous 18mm thickness adds even more solidity and security while considerably aiding sound absorption.

Our low profile insulated composite flooring design is supplied with electric underfloor heating and wide board engineered solid Oak floors, UV lacquered with 6mm wear layers.


Underfloor Heating

Heat rises so with underfloor heating we get the whole floor and room heated while with a radiator most of the heat is sent to the roof so you get cold feet, less comfort, inefficiency and higher heating bills. The space where the radiator is placed is also a wasted area in what could be a compact garden room.

Our pods are intended for year round use so are fitted with underfloor heating as standard.


Foundations Service

For any outbuilding to remain stable long term it will need a foundation to be fixed to and one that is robust such as the reinforced concrete pile foundations that we have developed.


Some customers already have a base or wish to provide one themselves, we just require a level ground to work on.

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Larch Cladding

We absolutely love Larch. It has a warm honey tone to the timber with a satisfying density that integrated into our design gives the cladding a striking look but also adds even more strength and rigidity to the whole structure.

For long term protection, we treat our timber with a professional blackening stain or a preservative silvering accelerator that helps the timber gain a uniform aged effect within months not years.

This is a durable timber and aluminium construction that can shed water and breath offering long term performance.

“The imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity” George Orwell


“I can resist everything except temptation” Oscar Wilde

New For 2021

Floating peg board storage with our innovative self locating shelving that hug solid brushed aluminium dowels to create a clean designer look of an array of solid dependable storage space. A real eye-catcher.

Building on the idea of peg boards we have designed an adjustable floating desk that offers a clean clutter free work station. Having no legs the desk allows more freedom of movement and makes cleaning the office much easier.

Bluetooth enabled with integrated Ceiling speakers the office pod makes connection to your laptop, computer, tablet or phone easy with wonderful sound quality. An absolute joy with no unsightly cabling and clutter. 

Bespoke desktop branding on request. 

Smooth Lacquered Birch paneling creates a calm, warm tactile office environment. Natural swirls of grain and organic textures complimented with solid Maple skirting and window surround lipping.  

Supplied with electric underfloor heating and brushed stainless steel effect electrical sockets and switches. Our pod spaces are intended for all year use, rain or shine and into the evenings over the winter months.

Office pods are supplied with bluetooth speakers and dimmable LED downlights that help to set an atmosphere for work or relaxation.

Fitted with engineered or laminate floors, we supply to our clients choice.

Cladding options available, contemporary open rain screen with pre applied Black stain or natural Siberian Larch. Our UK based cladding supplier can offer a range of alternative profiles to suit, milled to order.

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