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Thank you for showing an interest in us and our pods. The following aught to help shed some light on us and the processes we employ to design and deliver outstanding timber framed garden rooms... also check out the blog for more.


We Are.

Urban Grow Pod is a trading name of Obe & Co Design ltd, which was founded in 2012 as a design practice with its own manufacturing capabilities.

Over the years we have worked with a wide spectrum of clients from private commissions to larger cooperate projects for Packard Bell, Oracle, Heals, Honest Burgers, Hotter Shoes, Upper Crust and manufactured for a host of Architectural practices.

Originally designing and fabricating luxury lighting we diversified as our experience and design capabilities increased to applying the same level of quality and craftsmanship to product design and modern building projects.

We have years of background experience that touches on high end cabinetry through automated precision production technologies.

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Better Value Builds

Increasing living and property standards

Our garden rooms and offices offer the best value for money when compared like for like with other suppliers. We have a style of our own, a certain professional contemporary look and feel that our clients have embraced.


Our buildings have been carefully engineered and designed to offer more internal headroom, warmer tactile interiors, better flow and day-to-day use. Our buildings are made from the best materials we can source which are a daily reminder of quality.


The buildings we supply increase living space and hold their money, essentially an investment that ads value as they are built to last and return daily value to our clients and their properties.


Local to Kent, Sussex & South London

We are based on Manor Court Farm, near Royal Tunbridge Wells

Our manufacturing facility is based rurally on Manor Court Farm just outside of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Being rural based with lower overheads compared to an industrial estate location means that we can pass on these savings into our builds. Compared to other garden room suppliers we are often lower priced while the materials and standard of finish is much higher.


Located where we are means that we can also offer more competitive rates as we have less time travelling to site, meaning we are more efficient. We supply garden rooms to Kent, Sussex Surrey and South East London.

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Expertise + Equipment = Professional Fulfilment

We are always seeking perfection

Our pods are made from a blend of precision computer aided design and manufacture with craftsmanship and care for detail. The results speak for themselves in high quality interiors and ultimately better value.


A big difference compared to other local garden room builders/suppliers is that we own industrial equipment and joinery machinery to pre manufacture our buildings meaning that we are on site considerably less time than builders. Our method means that materials are delivered to us and not onsite, which minimises noise and disruption, literally cutting out weeks of onsite presence.

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