Packages with Optional Upgrades

We offer a turnkey solution that provides an all year use garden building

Foundation Work

Eco Friendly Insulation

Site visits & Project Planning

5 Year Guarantee

Under Floor Heated

Architectural Designed

  • Aluminium Roof and Guttering

  • Eco friendly sheep wool insulation.

  • Engineered hardwood flooring.

  • 18mm thick birch panelling through out.

  • 5 year guarantee

  • Electrical package, ring main with 5 sockets with internal and external lighting.

  • Integrated RCD consumer unit.

  • 1 side opening window.

  • Pre treated Siberian Larch Cladding

Please note: We can mirror the windows and door configuration as part of any package.

Orwell -84

“The imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity”

Our smallest pod package for those that really do have a limited space but can appreciate that a separate self-contained outbuilding in a paperless world is still a very useful and functional office space.


We all have a book in us, they say, so we can definitely see this space working very well as a writing retreat through the seasons, to finally get round to putting pen to paper.


The Orwell is flooded with natural light having the highest skylight ratio compared to all the other pod packages. If you’re considering one of our pod add on options this package might be just the right balance of office vs storage vs garden space you have in mind.

Dims : W 2.8m x D 2.8m H 2.5m

PVCu - £10,795

Aluminium - £12,495


“There is no substitute for talent. Industry and all its virtues are of no avail.”

For those seeking a self-contained professional garden office where the greatest part of the working day is desk oriented the Huxley could be the perfect blend of focus, storage and style.


This package offers plenty of desk spaces with a desk height wrap-around window detail that allows storage space above for office filing and documents. The thick insulated walls with larch cladding and double-glazing help to sound proof the room from external distractions in an urban landscape.


The Huxley can be used all-year-round with programmable touch controlled underfloor heating.

Dims : W 3.4m x D 2.8m H 2.5m

PVCu - £11,295

Aluminium - £12,995


“I can resist everything except temptation”

Our mid sized studio range that benefits from plenty of windows and natural light but in such a way that it is not over exposed and open.


The Wilde is suited to the studio owner with a passion for art and crafts while also being suited to the work from home commuter as an amazing uplifting office especially if that role requires some element of creativity and thinking outside the box.


Underfloor heated and programmable with multiple layered thick insulated walls this will be a warm and efficient space to work from that offers a level of soundproofing.

Dims : W 3.4m x D 2.8m H 2.5m

PVCu - £11,795

Aluminium - £13,495


"We are what we believe we are"

One of our largest package pods with bi-folding doors that let plenty of natural light in and offer that expansive option to blur the outside in on those heady summer evenings.


With clean minimalist lines the Lewis can function as a work from home office while being perfectly suited as a garden gym or yoga studio.


Urban Grow Pods are constructed with multiple layered thick insulated walls that not only keep the heat in on cold days but act to help soundproof the inside away from todays urban distractions

Dims : W 4m x D 2.8m H 2.5m

PVCu - £12,495

Aluminium - £14,495